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Air conditioning station ECOTECHNICS ECK NEXT


9 499,00 zł

-500,00 zł

9 999,00 zł tax incl.

From 20 installments to zł 522.45 each


ECK NEXT is a new model designed for different types of refrigerants. Device for old and new factor (new additional option + PLN 900).

 The highest quality elements make ECK NEXT a reliable air-conditioning service station.

A fully automatic air conditioning service station for recovering, recycling and charging various types of refrigerant. The innovative and exclusive solution allows you to set the R134a or HFO1234yf gas (after selection, it works with only one gas) directly during activation in the workshop. ECK NEXT offers exceptional value for money because it is very easy to use thanks to the 5-inch touch screen. Thanks to modular functions, the device can be configured to meet the most specific needs. The update using a gas analyzer detects various refrigerant components and the result provides information on their percentages. What's more, this innovative solution offers the benefits of an external analyzer (without contaminating the air conditioning station) without taking up any external space; A hybrid kit and Wi-Fi connectivity complete the optional key points of this device. The device is equipped with the original hermetic Ecotechnics universal oil (AEK285-N), as well as a refillable container. Ecotechnics C.A.R. the method (Compressor Assisted Recharge) enables quick and accurate gas charging also in high temperature conditions. Thanks to advanced technology based on an innovative electromagnetic valve system, ECK NEXT consumes 20% less energy than previous models. The futuristic design created by an expert in the field of motorcycles has been applied to the function of the machine by using information provided by countless workshops organized by Ecotechnics over the years.

The result is easy operation: less than 30 "to open the rotary control panel and less than 2 minutes. to remove both plastic covers and access all internal components. In addition, ECK NEXT provides excellent maneuverability due to the significant axial distance between the two wheels. User-friendly functions: pressure gauges and touch screen are perfectly tilted, which ensures perfect ergonomics.

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