Complaints may be submitted for:

Failure to meet, through the fault of the Service Provider, the date specified in the contract for the commencement of the provision of services to the Customer, non-performance, improper performance of services or their defective settlement.

The complaint must be made in writing, otherwise null and void. Complaints may be submitted within 30 days from the date on which the service was performed or was to be performed via the application form on our website.

Complaints regarding non-performance or improper performance of the service must contain, in particular, its subject and the circumstances justifying it. The Service Provider considers complaints within 14 days from the date of its submission. If the complaint cannot be processed within this time, the Service Provider shall notify the claimant in writing within this period of the reasons for the delay and the expected date of considering the complaint.

In the event of a breach of the terms of the complaint procedure, the complaint may not be recognized.