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Oil heater with thermostat 65kW


1 349,00 zł

From 20 installments to zł 74.2 each
65kW oil heater with thermostat
The oil heater 65000W equipped with a thermostat is a highly efficient device ensuring a constant inflow of a large amount of heated air. It has a digital display showing our heating temperature and room temperature. The GEKO heater is a highly efficient, durable, safe device and at the same time very easy to use. Perfect for heating semi-open spaces and ventilated surfaces such as production halls, warehouses, etc.

Product features:
has a digital display showing the heating temperature selected by us and the room temperature
the heater switches off automatically when the temperature set by us is higher than the ambient temperature
the temperature can be adjusted between 5 and 55 ° C
solid and simple construction
equipped with two wheels for easy transport
Catalog number G80421
Power supply [V] 230 V
Tank capacity [L] 38 l
Power [W] 40000 W
Air flow [l / min] 800 m3/h
Length of power cord (without plug) [mm] 1350 mm
Temperature regulation [° C] 5-55°C
Fuel consumption [l / h] 2,5 l/h
Working time on a full tank [h] 15 h
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