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Gas heater with regulator and 65KW thermostat


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65kW gas heater with thermostat + hose and regulator
A gas heater with a thermostat is a carefully made device with a simple design and high performance. It is equipped with a built-in piezoelectric ignition and a device protecting against overheating cutting off the gas supply, which guarantees safe operation. It has a digital display showing our heating temperature and room temperature. The heater can be connected to 5 or 11 kg gas bottles for propane / butane. The gas heater is ideal for heating workshops, halls, warehouses, etc. The standard equipment of the heater includes a pressure reducer and a 1550mm long rubber hose.

Product features:
has a digital display showing the heating temperature selected by us and the room temperature
thermostat - the heater switches off automatically when the temperature set by us is higher than the ambient temperature
the temperature can be adjusted between 5 and 55 ° C
solid and simple construction
protection against overheating cutting off the gas supply
automatic gas cut-off when the flame goes out
equipped with an ergonomic handle for easy carrying
Catalog number G80415
Power supply [V] 230 V
Weight [kg] 10 kg
Power [W] 65000 W
Air flow [l / min] 1500 m3/h
Gas pressure [bar] 1,5 bar
Maximum gas consumption [kg / h] 3,4 kg/h
Maximum fan speed [RPM] 2700-2800 RPM
Regulator protection degree IP44
The length of the hose to the gas cylinder [mm] 1550 mm
Length of power cord (without plug) [mm] 1350 mm
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