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Welder PRAKTIK 200


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Inverter welder for MMA welding with a DC coated electrode. 230V power supply, welding current 200A.

Inverter welder for welding with MMA method covered with direct current (DC) electrode and TIG method with direct current (DC) with short-circuit arc ignition.

Single phase supply.

Allows welding with rutile, alkaline, stainless steel and cast iron electrodes.

Electronically controlled smooth welding current regulation.

It has functions that facilitate the welding process:
ANTI STICK: short circuit - automatically turns off welding voltage if the electrode sticks to the welded material, which facilitates its detachment and prevents accidental welding arc
ARC FORCE: short circuit current regulation - makes it easier to transfer a drop of molten electrode to the welded material, preventing the arc from quenching when the electrode drop comes into contact with the weld pool
HOT START: hot start - facilitates ignition of the electrode by providing a larger welding current each time the arc strikes.

VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) function - reduces the idle voltage at the electrode to a safe value. Provides protection against electric shock when working in a humid environment.

Maximum diameter of coated electrode 4.0.

Equipped with a digital meter.

Fan cooled.

Overload protection.

Price of the device with accessories: suitcase, welding cable 1.5m, ground cable 1.5m, shoulder strap.

Catalog number PRAKTIK205D
Power supply [V] 230 V
Engine power [kW] 6,9 kW
Regulator protection degree IP23
Idle voltage [V] 60 V
Maximum current [%] 200 A - 40 %
Electricity at work 60% 160 A
The diameter of the welding electrode 1,6 - 4,0
Welding current adjustment range [A] 10 - 200 A
Mains protection [A] 16 A
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