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Excellent device for measuring wheel alignment in vehicles with GVW up to 3.5t with ITS certificate entitling to use on SKP and OSKP.

Standard equipped with 8 sensors and handles working in the range of 11-25 ". Each of the measuring heads is equipped with an LCD display informing about the measurement process and a functional keyboard. It is possible to perform rim compensation for the rim by raising the axle or by rolling the vehicle. Maximum measurement accuracy thanks to the diagnostic function of the measuring station level with the possibility of adaptation. Data freezing function for adjustment or replacement of suspension or steering components. Measurement of the front axle geometry without the need for rear measuring heads. Database - over 20,000 vehicles. The system is based on the Japanese MURATA electronics. The highest quality of measurements, repeatability of results and advanced functions such as spoiler etc.


Handles: 4 universal handles 11-25 ''

PC with monitor and printer: Yes

2 mechanical turntables: Yes

Steering lock: Yes

Brake lock: Yes

Database: Auto Data database for over 20,000 vehicles

Additional software functions: Measurement of the front axle without installing the rear heads.

A spoiler program for low-suspended vehicles

Operating system: Windows

Thanks to Murat inclinometers, and a special function in the software, it is possible to perform measurements and adjustments even on a two-column lift while maintaining high class accuracy.
The Windows system on which the G-18 software is based makes it easy to duplicate the measurement screen, maximizing usability and comprehensiveness of working with the device. Having a service channel, it is possible to mount an additional monitor in the channel so as to track changes during adjustment on an ongoing basis. Solutions on tablets and even mobile phones are also used. In this way, the mechanic-diagnostician, being in the channel and adjusting a given wheel, can closely observe the impact of the adjustments made.
A large number of devices on the market confirms the high reliability of the G-18. Therefore, there is no problem to extend the warranty period to 3 years or even longer. The G-18 is a real revolution in the field of wheel alignment. We have our devices in every province throughout the country. If you are interested to see the equipment "live" or consult other mechanics - ask and we'll give you the addresses of nearby workshops where our device works.

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