Wheel Balancer NORMET WK-900LCD


7 499,00 zł

From 20 installments to zł 412.45 each
Catalog number WK-900LCD
Power supply [V] 230 V
Engine power [kW] 250 W
Noise level [dB] 70 dB
Height [mm] x
Width [mm] x
Głębokość x
Weight [kg] 110 kg
Brake YES
Balancing accuracy 1 g
Width of the rim 1,5" - 16"
Diameter of the rim 10" - 24"
Measurement time 7 s
Shaft diameter 40 mm
Maximum wheel weight 70 kg
Automatic distance measurement TAK
Automatic wheel diameter measurement TAK
Automatic wheel width measurement YES
Laser pointer TAK
wheel cover TAK automatyczna
Motorcycle program TAK
Display LCD Monitor
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