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Welder MIG-351M Sherman SET


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MIG-351M SHERMAN 4x4 350A welder
The MIG 351M welder is the second generation equipment made in IGBT technology. It is used for manual welding of steel
and non-ferrous metals shielded in protective gases (MIG / MAG method) and coated electrode (MMA method).
It can also be used for gas-free welding using powder wire. The device also has
possibility of welding with 100mm spool diameter using a Spoolgun torch.

The welder is powered by 3x400V three-phase voltage. It is equipped with a professional 4-roller
wire feeder with smooth feed speed control. It also has smooth welding voltage adjustment
for MIG / MAG welding, and welding current for the MMA method. The device is equipped with adjustment
gas delay, 2T / 4T switch and inductance adjustment useful when welding thin sheets.
They are protected against overload by thermal protection. Works with K-200 wire spools (5kg)
and K-300 (15) kg.

Sherman MIG 351M welder
Full Co2 bottle 8L (12kg) NEW WITH LEGALIZATION FOR 10 YEARS
Automatic helmet
Wire spool
Gas regulator with 2 manometers
Welding gloves
Welding torch 3mb
Ground handle


Catalog number SINW-MIG351M
Power supply [V] 400 V
Welding current [A] 350A
Welding method MIG/MAG, MMA
Duty cycle [%] 60 %
2/4 Takt YES
Height [mm] 695 mm
Width [mm] 435 mm
Lenght [mm] 930 mm
Weight [kg] 60 kg
Max. power consumption [A] MIG: 19,5 A, MMA: 20,5
Technology of production IGBT
Max. power consumption [kVA] 14,7 kVA
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