Two post lift NORMET PK-4000G

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Two post lift PK-4000G AUTOMATIC

This is a lift that is designed for professional workshops. Professional equipment for professionals.

The upper connection enables passage without any obstacles - especially useful when rolling the vehicle,

The system of automatic locks in each column allows for safe and reliable work under a lift.

The lift has covers protecting against damage to the vehicle door and most importantly foot covers on each arm.

The device meets all current standards and has the required documentation.


The upper connection allows for passing without any obstacles - particularly useful when placing the vehicle on a lift


The control box of the lift has an additional 230 V socket, which will significantly facilitate work with additional electrical devices.


Asymmetrical, massive and stable two-stage arms enable passenger cars, vans and 4 × 4 vehicles.


The lift is equipped with a solenoid valve with the possibility of manual opening and closing - thanks to which in the event of a power failure, the vehicle can be lowered emergency down without additional devices.


The lift is equipped with screw adapters and adapter extension sleeves, which allow easy operation of 4 × 4 vehicles and more.

Catalog number PK-4000G
Lifting Capacity [kg] 4000 kg
Lifting height max. [mm] 1900 mm
Risinig time [s] 30 s
Power supply [V] 230 V / 400 V
Engine power [kW] 2,2 kw
Type of drive Hydraulic
Synchronization Steel rope
Column spacing 2900 mm
Arms 2 stages symmetrical
Range of arms 710 mm -1200 mm
Safety lock Automatic
Height [mm] 3880 mm
Width [mm] 3445 mm
Głębokość 430 mm
Weight [kg] 750 kg
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